Yiu Choi's System


Modern Curriculum:

Yiu Choi Wing Chun Kuen (Yao Cai Yongchunquan) was founded by Yiu Choi. THere is some debate about who he learned what from. Yiu Choi was originaly a student of Yuen Kay Shan's brother, Yuen Chai Wan. And was said to have learned, Siu Lien Tau, Juk jong work with Baat Sik Dan Da, and the Yee Jee Dao. Some suggest that the Single form that Yiu Choi learned from Yuen Chai actually contained the 3 hand forms in one, similar to how Cho family and Lo Kwai family preserve their Wing CHun, in a single form. Others believe he only learned the standard Siu Lien Tau Set. It is hard to believe that Yiu Choi would learn such little material during 15 years of training. WHen Yuen Chai Wan moved to Vietnam in late 1936, after the Great Fung Siu Chings funeral. Yiu Choi asked a student of Chan Wah Shun, named Ng Chun So to further his teachings. Yiu owned an opium den, that Ng Chun So and his brother helped run. Yiu moved Ng Chun into his house as was traditional and supported him until his death. Yiu Choi and his son Yiu Kay learned for many years, but never learned the Muk Yan Jong form nor the weapons of Ng Chun So. Most tradition supports that Yiu family Chum Kiu and Biu Jee are mostly from Ng Chun So.


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