Kulo Siu Lien Tau - San Sik Set

In Kulo Village, the Siu Lien Tao level training and form, was organized into 2 San sik. The first is called Siu Lien Tau (Small Training Set) and the second is Dai Lin Tao(Big Training set). These 2 sets encompased the fundamental level of training in Kulo Village. Its unknown, for a fact, if these Sets were taught by Wong Wah Bo or Leung Yee Tai, but many oral traditions, as well as the research currently being done by the AWCKRI, suggest that Leung Yee Tai passed down the Sup Yee San Sik Set, thus making it ancestral, NOT something Leung Jan created overnight to teach someone randomly in his village. And that Wong Wah Bo passed down a Single form, with 4 sections, that was broken down into the three hand forms we see in modern Wing Chun.The Kulo Village Wing Chun system places great focus on the Yik Gang? aspect of Wing Chun, which is also found in Yuen Kay Shan, Yiu Choi and the Parent system of Wing chun, Yong Chun County White Crane.

What is called Siu Lien Tau in Kulo Village is actually found in the last Third of the Standard Siu Lien Tao form as found in Yuen Kay Shan's Hand Forms , which decended from Fok Bo Chuen?, a class mate of Leung Jan's. This set includes a Pak Sau? Motion diagnoling across the body, Sweeping back to the shoulder with structure similar to a Tan Sau?, and a Palm strike twords Center. The names for these movements vary upon, which lineage or branch of Kulo you speak with. As such common names have been replaced, to make the information accesable to everyone.

  1. Pak Sau / Chang Sau - Diagnol Palm across the body to opposite shoulder.
  2. Sau Tan Sau- Returning Tan Hand to Shoulder
  3. Dim Jeung / Jing Jeung - Verticle Palm Strike to center

These 3 motions are than linked into a 2 man set to train the energy. The core Pian San Shifting method is trained in this set, and has been noted by observers to resemble "Cross Armed Diagnol Chi Sau"