Ng Jung So

Ng Jung So (Wu Zhongsu), said to have been a scholarly man of slight stature,who began learning Wing Chun alongside his brother, Ng Siu Lo, under Chan Wah Shun, at the beginning of the money-changer's teaching career, officially becoming his second student.

A slightly different account maintains the Ngs actually started off under Leung Jan himself and continued under Chan when the famed doctor retired, but this is doubtfull considering the ages of Leung Jan and Chan Wah in relation to that of Ng Chun So.

Early on, Ng was said to have owned and run a ceramics shop. Later, in 1936, after being introduced to future student Yiu Choi by his friend, Yuen Chai Wan (who was departing for Vietnam), Ng went into business with him and his brother, operating a smoke and gaming house on Shilutou. There, Ng taught nightly classes to over a dozen students, including Yiu Choi.

Ng reportedly closed his teaching career in the mid-1940s and went to live with the Yiu family, staying with them until he passed away at the age of 72. In addition to Yiu Choi, Ng's students included his son, Ng Yaat Fay, Leung Fook-Cho, and others.

Note: There is some confusion surrounding the dates associated with Ng Jung So. According to the commong Yip family dating (where Chan Wah Shun taught for 36 years), Ng would have had to have been born during the 1860s, if not earlier (to have begun learning in 1875), meaning he would have died during the 1930s. According to the Yiu family dating, Ng was likely born in the 1880s, if not later, since he was reportedly almost 50 years of age in 1936 when he met Yiu Choi, and would have died during the 1950s. According to another source, Ng may have lived as late as the 1960s or 70s.


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