Traditional Wing Chun of William Cheung


The system called TWC or Traditional Wing Chun is a version of the Yip Man Wing Chun Hong Kong System, that was passed down by William Cheung. It has characteristics, that no other branch of Yip Man Wing Chun has, making it extremly unique. The oral tradition passed down by William Cheung is that, Yip Man learned 2 versions of the Wing Chun system. A modified version from Chan Wah Shun, and the original version passed down by Leung Bik, the son of Leung Jan , when Yip was in school.Its interesting to note that William Cheungs early students in Australia were taught the standard Yip man Hong Kong Wing Chun System. And it wasnt until around 1983/84 that William started teaching the TWC system.

Its characterised by its use of concepts and footwork that are found within the Weapon sets, and places focus on the Cetral line, instead of simply the Center Line. Footwork such as Sam Gwok Mah? and the Ding Jee Bo? are common place, but are simply called the Forward neutral Stance, and the T step respectivly.

  • Oral and written tradition William Cheung
  • Oral and written tradition Victor Parlati
  • Oral and written tradition Phil Redmond