Leung Bik

Leung Bik (Liang Bi) in some accounts was said to have been the eldest son of Leung Jan and the one who achieved the highest skills in Wing Chun Kuen under the famed doctor.

In most stories, following Leung Jan's death, Leung Bik lost a fight with Chan Wah-Shun, one of his father's best students, and was forced to leave Foshan. In one account, he left for another province while in the Yip Man branch, it was said he moved to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, he reportedly met and taught a lesson to a young Yip Man and later accepted Yip as his student and taught him the deeper aspects of the art. In addition to Yip Man, some in the Yip branch maintain Leung Bik also taught his own son-in-law.

Notes: According to some of Yip Man's early students and descendants, Leung Bik was either a real person with no connection to Yip Man used by Lee Man in Hong Kong to create more interest in the system, or an entirely fictional character. According to others, both he and his connection to Yip Man were very real.


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