Kulo Dai Lin Tao San Sik Set

In Kulo Village, the Siu Lien Tao level training and form, was organized into 2 San sik. The first is called Siu Lin Tao (small idea training) and the second is Dai Lin Tao (big idea training). These 2 sets encompased the fundamental level of training in Kulo Village. Its unkown if these Sets were taught by Wong Wah Bo or Leung Yee Tai, but many oral traditions suggest that Leung Yee Tai passed down the Sup Yee San Sik Set, thus making it ancestral, NOT something Leung Jan created overnight to teach someone randomly in his village.The Kulo Village Wing Chun system places great focus on the Yik Gang? aspect of Wing Chun, which is also found in Yuen Kay Shan, Yiu Choi and the Parent system of Wing chun, Yong Chun County White Crane.

The Second Set of San Sik is called Dai Lin Tao meaning "Large idea training". Instead of being 3 motions like the Siu Lin Tao San Sik set, Dai Lin Tao is made up of 3 small sets or cycles, that each contain 3 motions.

  1. Sam Pai Fut - "3 Prayers to Buddha"
  2. Sae Mun By Tze? - "4 Dirctions Fingers Sway"
  3. Dai Lin? - "Big Training"

Sam Pai Fut and Sae Mun By Tze together can be found within the First third of Yuen Kay Shan's Hand forms that decended from Fok Bo Chuen, Leung Jan's class mate. Sam Pai Fut is comprised of the Fook and Wu cycle ,that is found in all Wing Chun. The Sae Mun By Tze is the Finger and Wrist swaying movements, that are found in Yip Man's Hong Kong Wing Chun system in the Biu Tze from. Dai Lin is a set that places focus on Wing Chun Por Jung? skills or center cleaving, whose dominate motion is called a Got sau, which resembles a Bong Sau.