Pao Fa Lien's System

Curriculum of Chu Chong's Version:

Pao Fa Lien Wing Chun Kuen (Paohua Lian Yongchunquan) was supposedly named by Chu Chong and his student, Mok Poi On?, in honor of Lao Dat Sang (whose nickname was Pao Fa Lien?), when he resumed his teaching in Macao and wanted to distinguish his methods from those of other teachers who had become prominent. In an alternate account, the system was based down by Lee Wing who combined Wing Chun Kuen with Hung Kuen and Tai Gik Kuen (taijiquan).

Gwok Gai's Curriculum:

  • Nim Tau - (Idea Form)
  • Nim Tau Dai Yee Duen (Second part Idea set)
  • Tut Sau? - (Freeing Hand}
  • Chum Kiu- (Sinking Bridge)
  • Jak Sun Kuen?
  • Muk Yan Jong Fat - (Wooden Man Post Methods)
  • Chi Sau? - (Arm Clinging)
  • Seung Dao - (Double Broadswords)
  • Seung Kim - (Double Swords)
  • Luk Dim Boon Gwun? - (6.5 Pole Method)

Gwok Gai related to Leung Ting, in an interview that the history of Pao Fa Lien Wing chun is the exact same as all other Wing Chun systems. Its only the Chu Chong branch that has the story relating Wing Chun came from the North. Interesting to note that Gwok Gai was a direct student of Pao Fa Lien.


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  • Complete Wing Chun By Ritchie, Chu and Wu
  • Oral and written tradition Mok Po On
  • Oral and written tradition Gwok Gai