Chu Chong


Chu Chong (Zhu Zhong) was born around 1896 and began learning Wing Chun at a young age from Lao Dat-Sang (known by the nickname Pao Fa Lien) in the city of Foshan.

During the 1940s, Chu Chong moved his family to Sham Sui Po in Hong Kong where he worked as an osteopath and taught Wing Chun Kuen until the 1960s when he retired and took only private students.

In addition to his two sons, Chu Wing-Jee and Chu Ping, Chu Chong passed his art onto Mok Poi-On. Chu Chong passed away in 1999 at an age of 106.

Notes: Compiled from oral and written accounts of Pao Fa Lien, and Hong Kong Jing Wu Association. Photo courtesy Derek Frearson.