Kulo Village Fung Family Lineage

Ng Mui

Kulo Village Fung Family Wing Chun Kuen, was passed down by famed Wing Chun Kuen boxer Leung Jan, when he retired back to his native Kulo Village, at age 73. He taught three villagers, including Wong Wah Sum, a distinctly differant version, of Wing Chun Kuen, compared to what he passed down in Foshan. This version, comprised exclusivly of San Sik, was said to be the set, Leung Jan learned from his first teacher Leung Yee Tai . Thought by many to be the older method of preserving the Wing Chun Kuen system, the San Sik also placed focus on use of the Pian San or Side Body methods.

It was Wong Wah Sum, that than passed the system down to the Fung Family, who still preserve the system, just as it was passed down to them.


  • Oral and written tradition Kulo Village and Fung Family
  • Oral tradition Fung Keung
  • Oral and written tradition Jim R.
  • New Martial Hero