Wong Wah Sum

Wong Wah Sum, was one of the three last students accepted by Leung Jan, after he retired back to his native Kulo Village. Several differant oral traditions surround Wong. The most common is that Leung Jan noticed Wong, who lived next door to him, training his bridge hands against a tree. Jan become curious asked what he was doing and he stated because there wasnt many Wong's in Kulo Village, he was picked on. Jan percieving determination in the young mans eyes agreed to teach him. Knowing that due to his age, he may not be able to teach the lengthy hand form method, he passed on in Foshan, he opted for a San Sik method. According to the same tradition, Leung Jan created the Kulo Village San Sik system over night, based on his years of experiance, to teach Wong Wah Sum and a 2 other youths.

Other oral traditions state that Wong Wah Bo, one of Leung Jans teachers,and fellow Kulo native, asked his student to teach any remaining members of his family. Leung giving Wong his word, accepted Wong Wah Sum as a student, in around 1885 when he returned to Kulo.

Modern research by the AWCKRI suggests that the San Sik method, Leung Jan chose to pass down in Kulo Village, wasnt something created over night. It is believed that the San Sik system, is actually what Leung Jan learned, on the Red Boats, from his first Sifu,Leung Yee Tai. Leung Jan refined the expresion based on his years of combat experiance.


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