Fung Chun

Fung Chun, is one of the elders of the Wing Chun Kuen Clan, as well as one of the last living fourth generation Wing Chun Masters. He is a native of Kulo Village, and learned Wing Chun Kuen from Leung Jans student Wong Wah Sum (age 76), at the tender age of 17, in ruffly 1938.

He was worked for a living with snakes, and curing snake bites. For many years, he built up an immuntiy to the various venoms. At one point, he got bit by a particular breed of snake and became violently ill. The doctore had to remove his thumb to save his life.

In modern times, he runs a bone setting clinic, while practising his own Wing Chun methods.

Fung Chun is the patriarch of Kulo Village Wing Chun Clan, and has passed the art down to his son Fung Keung and Fung Chu.


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