Jiu Wan's System


Jiu Wan Wing Chun Kuen (Zhao Yun Yongchunquan) was founded in Hong Kong, by Jiu Wan, the nephew of famous Wing Chun master Jiu Chow (Chan Yiu Men's most well known student). Jiu Chow passed down his unique approach which included the Chan Family methods as well as also studied with Yip man.Jiu Wan than learned from Jiu Chow, and than later moved to H.K and started learning from Yiop Man himself. Several students of Yip Man have mentioned in modern times that Jiu Wan was highly respected by Yip Man, as he looked at Jiu Wan's students as being some of the best around.


  • Oral and written tradition Jiu Wan
  • Oral and written tradition Jason Lau
  • Oral and written tradition Duncan Leung