Cheung Bo's System

Ancestral Curriculum:

Current Curriculum:

Cheung Bo Wing Chun Kuen (Zhang Bao Yongchunquan), was originaly taught by Cheung Bo in Foshan until his passing. The modern version was founded by Cheung Mo Gan? (Cheung Chut) and Wong Gut Suen, who continued his studies under Sum Nung and integrated the Sum Num Wing Chun Kuen curriculum into the system. Mak Yiu Ming? a student of Wong Gut Chuen? is one of the main teachers currently in the style. Mak Yiu also learned from his Sisook Cheung Chut.


  • Yuen Kay Shan: History and traditions By Rene Ritchie
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  • Oral and written tradition Mak Yiu Ming
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