Cheng Kwong Lineage


Dai Duk Lan lineage chart:

The Cheng Kwong lineage is the culmination and product of several sources of Chinese Kung Fu combined into one approach. Cheung Kwong learned the Dai Duk Lan curriculum from Wai Yan?, and so, what Wai Yan passed down, wasnt strictly the Lo Family? system, as passed down by Lo Chiu Woon?. Dai Duk Lan was where the three families of Tang, Dong/Chu, and Lo combined their systems into one, and passed that material as a whole to Wai Yan, who than passed it down to Cheng Kwong, who incorporated his Dragon Style Boxing, Tai Chi and Lok Yiu Wing Chun (VT) creating his own curriculum and approach.

According to information collected by the AWCKRI , Cheng Kwong was never authorized by Lok Yiu to teach public Ving Tsun and also was never authorised from Wai Yan? to spread officially the Dai Duk Lan Shaolin Weng Chun in his school. For this reason Cheng Kwong combined and created his own version of the three systems:

  • Lok Yiu Ving Tsun,
  • Wai Yan - Dai Duk Lan Weng Chun
  • Dragon style from Lam Kwun Quon

This system was than passed down to Andreas Hoffman, who made his own modifications incorporating Hung Gar, Tai Chi and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, creating the modern day "Chi Shim Weng Chun System"


  • Oral and written tradition Chu Chong Man Family
  • Oral and written tradition Derek Rozanski
  • Oral and written tradition Tang Family