Pao Fa Lien Branch # 1

The most popular and wide spread branch of Pao Fa Lien was popularised by New Martial Hero writer Mok Po On? during the 1960s and 1970s, in Hong Kong. The traditional story is that Wing Chun Kuen was brought from the North by a monk named Dai Dong Fung (strong eastern wind). Dai Tung taught Tze Gwok Cheung? and Tze Gwok Leung?, of Dan Jo (near Sai Chiu Shan). Both brothers helped train their severant Lau Dat Sang.

Lau Dat Sang's nickname was Pao Fa Line due to his profession of making "Pao Fa" or "wood chips" used to create female hair tonics. Lau accepted few students but taught Chu Chong, who brought Pao Fa Lien Wing Chun Kuen to Hong Kong. Chus most notable student was Mok Po On?, a writer for New Martial Hero?. Mak passed the art down to Leo Man, who to this day passes down the Pao Fa Lien Wing Chun Kuen system.


  • Oral and written tradition Mok Po On
  • Oral and written tradtion Leo Man
  • Leungs Publishing
  • New Martial Hero