Pao Fa Lin {Lao Dat Sang)

Lao Dat-Sang (Liu Dasheng) was the servant (and later, in some accounts, became the adopted son) of Tse Gwok-Leung and his brother Gwok-Cheung. He began learning their system of Wing Chun Kuen at the age of 9 and continued for almost ten years.

At the age of 18, Lao moved to Foshan to took a job as a cashier. Soon, he became an apprentice at the Tong Yu Jeung Cosmetics Shop and learned how to make pao fa, or the planed wood chips boiled to make an old form of hair tonic. When his apprenticeship was over, he opened his own pao fa stall and, in some accounts, taught Wing Chun Kuen at night to a few students.

Due to the fact that he worked making pao fa, and that people often mistook (or in some accounts deliberately teased him by mistaking) the charater 'dat' in his name with the character 'lien', he came to be known as Pao Fa Lien (Wood Planer Lien).

Although he didn't show off his skills, he eventually became known for the high quality of his martial arts but was said to have been forced to spend several decades in exile after killing a man named Pan in a knife duel.

At an advanced age Lao returned to the city and began teaching a few students. The first was said to have been a rich overseas Chinese from the U.S.A. Others included Chu Chong, Ngau Jai-Yee (who also studied the Gulao system). Lao Dat-Sang's last disciples, adopted when he was already over 70 years of age, were Kwok Gai and Kwok So.

Notes: In an alternate account, the Pao Fa Lien system was said to have been handed down from a man named Lee who was skilled in Wing Chun, Tai Gik (Taiji), and Hung Kuen, rather than the Tse brothers.

Compiled from oral and written accounts of Pao Fa Lien Wing Chun Kuen and New Martial Hero magazine and Leung's Publishing.