Pan Nam's System


Pan Nam Wing Chun Kuen (Peng Nan Yongchunquan), sometimes refered to as Fatsan Siu Lam Weng Chun (Foshan Shaolin Yongchunquan), was founded by Pan Nam, who after a 30 year background in Hung Kuen, based on his system on his experience in the Chan Yiu Min Wing Chun Kuen system via Jiu Chow? and Lai Hip Chai Wing Chun Kuen systems. He also included such forms as the Hung Kuen Fu Mei Seung Do and the Ng Jee Mui Fa Hei Gong (which some now refer to as Sun Hei Gwai Yuen) of Ng Man-Long, into the system.


  • Oral and written tradition Pan Nam
  • Oral and written tradition Eddie Chong
  • Oral and written tradition Rasool Sr.
  • Leungs Publishing