Pan Nam Lineage


and unverifiable at this time:

and according to Sum Num oral account:

also Hung Gar teachers:

1934 - Kam Chu 1937 - Pong Ling 1942 - Ma Fun 1943 - Chan Tim 1945 - Lee Shu Sun

Pan Nam like many other Wing Chun enthusiasts cross-trained in a wide range of Wing Chun Kuen branchs. He than created his own approach based on his experiance.

Pan Nam studied Hung Gar from 1934 to 1947 until he met Jiu Chow (top student of Chan Yiu Men), and officialy began his Wing Chun Kuen training. His classmates included Leung Lam, Jiu Wan, Lee Shing, Wong Jing and other semi famous Wing Chun masters. Jiu Chow had to relocate to Chungshan, and Pan followed him to continue training. According to Sum Nung, prior to learning from Jiu Chow, Pan briefly studied from Cheung Bo, but soon opted to train with Jiu.

In 1949 Pan Nam moved back to Fatshan and started teaching at the "Union of cake industry workers of Fatshan". In 1956 he was introduced to Lai Hip Chai a classmate of Ng Chun So, Yip Man and Chan Yiu Men, who was the second to last student accepted by Chan Wah Shun (Yip Man being the last). Lai Hip Chai had not only learned from Chan, but also from Lok Lan Goons nephew.

Pan Nam in 1980s-1990s was one of the most aged and senior masters of the Wing Chun Kuen Clan. He is survived by his son and students.


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