Other Mixed Cho Gar Branchs

There are several known sub-branchs of Cho Family Wing Chun, that have integrated others arts in with their material or integrated H.K Wing Chun Material.

Nanyang Wing Chun

Cho Dak Sang


Yap Bo Lim
Leung Lin Heng
Beh Lau Seng
Hui See Lim

  • Y.Wu

It is unknown if Yap Bo lim, Leung Lin Heng, Beh Lau Seng and Hui See Lim are from Cho Family Wing Chun or a completly differant style

This branch from Y.Wu, co-author of Complete Wing Chun, mixes H.K material into the curriculum. Typicaly refered to as "Nanyang Wing Chun".

Malasian Wing Chun

Cho Dak Sang

This branch from Yip Kin, has many differant Kung Fu methods integrated into the overall approach. See under Yip Kin Lineage for specifics.

Kuen Dao Kung Fu

Cho Dak Sang

  • Cho On
    • Ku Choi Wah
      • Randy Tay

This approach is a creation of Randy Tay's. Integrating Cho Gar Wing Chun, with other martial arts, creating his own unique approach.


  • New Martial Hero
  • Leungs Publishing
  • Complete Wing chun by Chu, Ritchie and Wu
  • Oral and written traditions Cho Family