Leung Kai

There is little information about Leung Kai. Oral Tradition suggests Leung Kai is a relative ofKing Fa Wui Goon member Leung Yee Tai. And it was He who took Leung Yee Tai to Leung Jan For medical treatment, after 1855 when when Yee Tai left the Opera.

It is than believed that because of Leung Kai's introduction that Leung Jan was accepted, as a student, of the reluctant Leung Yee Tai.

At a later date, when Leung Yee Tai Either Passed away or left Foshan, Leung Jan passed on the Wing Chun System as a debt of honor. Just as he did when retired back to Kulo Village when he taught Wong Wah Bo's grandson, Wong Wah Sum.


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