Leung Jan's System

Leung Jan's Wing Chun System, is a combination, of what he learned from both teachers, Wong Wah Bo and Leung Yee Tai. Modern research suggests that Leung Jan's original methods involved the San Sik method as well as a single form that contained the essence, of that which would become the standard three hand forms of Wing Chun Kuen.

Oral tradition, preserved in Kulo Village, Lo Kwai's family in Taiwan, as well as traditions from Yiu,Cho, Yuen, Chan, Wong and Fut sau branch suggest that the three hand forms were actually organized into one long single form originaly, and Wong Wah Bo or someone else, broke that form into the three forms we see today.

The Lo Kwai family preserve that Wong Wah Bo and Leung Jan refined the single form into the three hand forms, Jong and weapons. Lo Gar also preserve that Wong and Leung, used the San Sik method, Leung Jan had learned from Leung Yee Tai, in the creation of the hand forms. It is believed that what is preserved in Kulo Village, is actualy the method of Leung Yee Tai, with a few innovations from Leung Jans vast fighting experiance.

Foshan System

Its possible that the hand form material decend from Wong Wah Bo, as Leung Jan's classmate Fok Bo Chun, also preserves the broken down hand forms, as we can see in Yuen Kay Shan's System. Current research places the hand forms initial creation from the time period of 1860-1930 - while evolution occured on the hand forms from 1930 to mid 1970s.

The Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen system is known to have existed in two forms witih two sub variations. The first method is a single form with three or four sections which used the archival method, still found in the three hand forms. The sub-variation of this method would be the seperate three hand forms, jong and weapons. The second metod was a single form comprised of linked San Sik. The sub-variation being loose San Sik.

Many oral traditions point to Wong Wah Bo as being the person who created the three hand forms and Jong, when he taught non Opera actors, and Wing Chun was first deceminated to the public.

Kulo System

Pian San Wing Chun (12 Form Hand Set)

This set according to legend, decends from Leung Yee Tai. Oral tradition from the Lo Kwai Famiy suggests, Leung Jan passed down the methods of Wong Wah Bo that were integrated with that of Leung Yee Tai, in Foshan.

At one point Wong Wah Bo, according to oral tradition asked Leung Jan to teach his Family members that still lived in Kulo Village. Hence When Leung Jan Retired and moved back to Kulo Village he taught Wong Wah Sam - the older San Sik system of Leung Yee Tai.

Some traditions from Kulo state that the San Sik method of Kulo Village is actually Leung Jan's own creation, after years of combat experiance, but most research points to the system being that of Leung Yee Tais with some refinement from Leung Jans combat experiance.


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