Chu Chong Man and Dong Family System

Dong Family Curriculum:

Chu Chong Man added Curriculum from Wong Git Sing?:

Investigation is currenty being done by the AWKCRI? on the Dong Family Wing Chun System. Dong Jik and his brother Dong On were early students of Fung Siu Ching along side Tang Suen.Dong On didnt teach and Dong Jik only taught 3 students, including Tam Kong? and Chu Chong Man. At this point, the Dong family merged with that of Chu Chong Man, and is currently the only surviving branch known. Chu Chong Man learned Wing Chun from several sources and included additional material into the Dong Family System.

The Dong Family system, supposedly passed down from Fung Siu Ching, included Jong Kuen, 3 Muk Yan Jong Forms and the Luk Dim Boon Gwun? Method. Its interesting to note, that fellow student of Fung Siu Ching, Tang Suenas well as Yuen Kay Shan, Fung's last disciple, preserve differant material than that passed down by Chu Chong Man. Oral Tradition within Chu Chong Man family, states that Dong Family Jong Kuen form, goes back to the time of the Siu Lum temple. This is in start contrast to Tang family tradition, that state Jong Kuen was a later created form, at the time Wing Chun left the Red Boats.

Chu Chong Man also learned from Wong Git Sing?, supposedly passing down a Shaolin Wing chun form called Fa Kuen, that was supposedly passed down with Jong Kuen at the Siu Lum temple. This doesnt hold up to modern research, as the Fa Kuen form doesnt appear in Tang, Yuen, Lo, or Dong Family, all students of Fung Siu Ching. Chu Chong Man, in an interview with New Martial Hero, stated that the Fa Kuen form, wasnt related to the Wing Chun system, but it was one he personaly liked, and thought added differant elements to his Curriculum, not found in the other material passed down by Dong Jik.

Research is still ongoing.


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