Wing Chun Pedia is the world's first Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Encyclopedia. Founded 9/5/06 by Aaron Cantrell and Brian Scanlon. This is the third Wing Chun site by Mr. Cantrell. He runs and as well. The Wing Chun Archive is a resource site to help you find information quickly on Wing Chun books, videos, swords, poles, sifus, schools, forums, articles, wooden dummies, and the etc. Everything Wing Chun was opened to be a pure Wing Chun store. All the proceeds from the store go into the Wing Chun Archive site and this one in an effort to provide the best Wing Chun sites in the world. WingChunPedia was opened as a Wiki site for make it easy for end users (you) to contribute. The purpose of this site was to go into more detail on the art and provide in-depth explanations and biographies of the material presented on the other sites.

Mission Statement, Pledges, Policies, and Goals

  • The Wing Chun Pedia will become the largest and most accurate Wing Chun Information site in the world.
  • It's goal is to stick to the facts and present the most accurate and complete information on Wing Chun and all of its subsets.
  • Where possible the Wing Chun Pedia will try to educate and teach you the art of Wing Chun.
  • While impossible to filter out all opinion on such a hot and political topic as Wing Chun, the Wing Chun Pedia will never take sides. It will present all sides of any argument arising over the information, just as a normal encyclopedia would. Feel free to disagree with anything on the site, and please post your arguments backed with facts and sources so we may list them. However, the WCP will not tolerate any flaming, name calling, rude posts or conduct, hearsay, politics or the etc.
  • Wing Chun Pedia will be a community site where anyone can contribute. However to prevent in-fighting, deleting information and sabotage the site will have a public and an moderated area. Good information presented with facts will be taken from the public area and entered into the moderated area by one of the Site Editors.
  • For lineage disagreements: Sometimes a students claims a teacher, but not the teacher a student. This can happen because 1) the student never trained to a Sifu level under the teacher. 2) the student attended seminars and learned bits and pieces of the system only, or refined their knowledge from the teacher after learning in another lineage. 3) the teacher and student have a falling out and the teacher disowns the student saying he may no longer call him Sifu. 4) The Sifu tries to discredit a legitimate Sifu under him due to bad blood, broken promises, etc. How we handle this. 1) We try to gather as much facts as possible, especially the level of training under the Sifu. If the student didn't train to a high enough level or become a formal student of the teacher we remove him from the lineage. 2) We will try to post the disagreement, presenting both sides. Especially if the student trained to a high level before falling out with the teacher. 3) We look at the main lineages studied by the student. For example. "John Smith" is from the Leung Ting lineage, but broke out on his own. We list his lineage accurately and then say he is no longer with the Wing Tsun organization. If Leung Ting says Mr. Smith can't mention him in the lineage we don't change the listing as it doesn't change the facts. If Mr. Smith goes to train under Yip Chun we don't change his lineage, but add that his is now training under Yip Chun. If Mr. Smith then takes some Gary Lam seminars and decides he likes the WSL method the best and starts to teach his students that and claims Gary Lam as his Sifu and lineage, but Sifu Lam does not claim him as a students, then we do not list Sifu Lam as the lineage. There is not enough training under Sifu Lam for him to be considered a Sifu under him. We will mention the training and Sifu Lam's comments, but keep the listing the same. 4) We look to see if the Student has certification from the teacher.