Site Editors are the people approved by Wing Chun Pedia to edit and maintain the "Wing Chun Pedia Maintained Area". This area of the site is not open to public editing and thus much more informative, non-political, sleek, and stable than the Public Area in which anyone can edit anything on the pages.

If you are interested in becoming a Site Editor please contact Aaron Cantrell?. He will want the following info:

  • PMWiki skill level. (i.e. are you familiar enough with the markup language of PMWiki to easily edit the pages of the site.)
  • Lineage info and your training and years in Wing Chun; and any political affiliations you have in the Wing Chun community.
  • Your Name, Phone Number, Email, and Address.

Aaron will then interview you and if it looks like you are an asset to the site he will give you the WCP Editor's Password.