Aaron Cantrell is the founder of the following Wing Chun sites:

His is also the head of the Wing Chun Fight Club (Founded May 2006)

Aaron trains Wing Chun on a daily basis and has since 1999. He is currently training for Cage Fights in order to try to bring Wing Chun some respect in the world of MMA and modern martial arts.

Aaron is dedicated to the art and takes a non-political approach, leaving his personal opinions off his sites as well as doing his best to filter out other's opinions. Sticking to the facts allows you to draw your own opinions. Aaron will urge you to step back and look and listen to the facts and not get caught up in your Sifu's or Lineage's propaganda. Only then can you see the truth. Having been around a lot of Wing Chun people over the years, he believes too many people waste their lives training under a bad teacher who does not know or understand Wing Chun. Everyone always thinks their Sifu and lineage is the best, so 99.99% of us are wrong. You may have a good Sifu, you may not. Just because they have a name or are famous does not make them good. Make sure they can fight and use their Wing Chun. After all, if you are going to learn to swim, it's best to learn from someone that has been in a pool, not just a bathtub. Your life may one day depend on your decision.

Mr. Cantrell is from North Carolina, and now resides in New Mexico.


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