The Wing Chun Fight Club is a non-political club dedicated to promoting the Art of Wing Chun through fighting. It was founded by Aaron Cantrell in May of 2006.

  • We don't talk politics or BS; we fight, train, learn from each other's fights, fight, and train some more.
  • We don't care about lineage, or how you use your Wing Chun, or if it looks different than what we know.
  • We really don't care if your Wing Chun fighting is crisp or currently sloppy - only that you are fighting and using it, and wanting to make it better.
  • We are determined to show the world what a Wing Chun Fighter can really do - both in the ring and in the street.
  • We respect each other, other Wing Chun lineages different than our own, other martial arts, and other fighters.
  • We are respectful, but may not actually have a lot of respect for you if you talk a lot of shit, don't fight, teach without fighting, bash us for fighting or the way it looks, etc. Talk shit to us and you better be able to back it up, because you know we'll fight you :) Please leave your name and address when you do. We like shutting people like you up.
  • We believe the only way to learn to fight with Wing Chun is to fight. It is the only way to determine what works. Yip Man told all of his students not to trust him and to go out and fight to see if what was telling them was the truth. We think that is a darn good idea. (And we can tell who never did that).
  • We believe it is better to learn a Wing Chun move from a nobody off the street if it works, rather than a famous Wing Chun (Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun) Sifu that doesn't work.
  • We believe at the end of the day, when it really gets down to it, it doesn't matter what the fight looked like, or how you used your Wing Chun, etc. Only that you are alive and well, and your attacker is not (well).
  • We respect our local laws in regards to fighting and challenge matches.

Fight Club Requirements:

The Wing Chun Fight Club is a collection of fighters who have learned to use what Wing Chun they were given and have proven themselves in battle. This, in essence, is the core requirement to be a member of the Fight Club.

  • To enter all you need is a video of you using your Wing Chun in a real fight or challenge match. Go out and fight a grappler, a kick-boxer, a street thug or etc. Challenge them and send me the results. Let's show the world what a Wing Chun fighter can do.
    • You must have documented proof you have successfully used your Wing Chun in a real fight. You must be Battle Tested.
    • You will need to send in a video of you using your Wing Chun. NO choreographed fights or fighting classmates! And we MUST be able to tell you are using Wing Chun! If we have to guess who the Wing Chun guy is, this is not good. [NOTE: We ask that you always obey your local laws and do not encourage you to go out and picks fights (Challenge matches MAY be a good alternative in your area)].
  • Alternatively, you can challenge a win a fight against a Wing Chun Fight Club member to gain entrance. The challenger must use Wing Chun. The person challenged can fight any way they want.

Member Benefits:

  • Ability to train and fight with the best.
  • Access to the private forum.
  • The Member's only "Wing Chun Fighter" Tee Shirt (FREE).
  • Opportunity to have your fight on our "Wing Chun Fighters" DVD, and receive commission on sales.
  • Access to the normal Member's Only area with all the discounted benefits.
  • Lifetime discounts on purchases.
  • First chances to get limited quantity products before the public gets them.
  • Special gift products not offered to the public.
  • Access to Special Seminars.
  • Pride in yourself for winning and helping bring Wing Chun into dominance.
  • and much more.

The Future Wing Chun Fight Club:

In recent talks with a potential member I'm playing with the idea of making it the Fight club more than it is. I talk to people on occasion that are similarly minded. What if we could get 9 fighters of today's Wing Chun best together? People who would take on all comers and not lose? Who could represent the art to the world and bring back it's good name? The top practitioners from the US, UK, Hong Kong, China, Europe, and etc? Wing Chun MMA fighters as well, who could enter the UFC, PRIDE, etc and show the world what a true Wing Chun man can do to the modern Kick Boxer and Grappler - rules or no rules. People who can arise above the political in-fighting of the Art today because they are focused only on what really works in battle, not whom taught whom or what lineage is better.

The Chi Sim Weng Chun lineage had the 5 Dragons of Wing Chun. Masters of Wing Chun pole, grappling, swords, and more. They trained together daily and invited other wing chun and kung-fu masters in to share and exchange experiences. Even Yip Man supposedly trained with the Five Dragons and could not beat Sifu Chu Chung Man, the "Unbeatable". This environment skyrocketed their success and held the Chinese people in awe.

What if we could get some of today's best Wing Chun fighters together for something similar? We may not all be masters, of course, but such an exchange and training between good fighters would benefit everyone. And top masters who have earned similar respect by fighting would be invited in to teach and train us. We'd train, test, research, use, and understand the art with like minded individuals. We'd find out what works, what doesn't, and why quicker than any one of us could do alone.

Let us bring Wing Chun back into dominance as the premiere striking art in the world. This is something that no single person can accomplish. No one teacher, but that a group of dedicated Wing Chun fighters could pull off. One of the ways I want to start is by making a DVD of REAL Wing Chun fights. Go out and fight a grappler, a kick-boxer, a street thug or etc. Challenge them and send me the results. Let's show the world what a Wing Chun fighter can do.


We always ask you obey your country's and state's local laws on fighting and challenge matches. In our opinion the best way to get footage if you have none is to go to a school and ask for a fight and film it. If they refuse then go somewhere else. This should be considered part of your training/sparring. Martial Artists challenge each other all the time and this is considered acceptable in many areas around the world. In some areas you can challenge people off the street as well, but you will have to check your local laws as "underground" fighting is illegal in many places around the world. If you do happen to catch a real fight on tape, though, please send it to us! Email Us Here? But Obey Your Laws! The Wing Chun Fight Club takes no responsibility for the stupid stuff you might do to try to gain entrance. You should be able to find a legit way to get a sparring match or fight on tape!

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