Wing Tjun

The organization called IWKA was founded by Sergio Iadarola. He uses the spelling "Wing Tjun" to seperate his branch of Wing chun from that of others. The Wing Chun taught at the schools HQ is only Chi Sim Ving Tsun from GM Cheng Kwong. It is not a mixture of BBJ and Chi Sim Ving Tsun and Tai chi as taught by Sifu Hoffmans lineage, and then labelled as Weng Chun.

Sergio Iadarola *did* also learn directly the Leung Ting system. He does still teach that *seperately*, according to it's original transmission, during seminars to the schools afiliated to our organisation *outside* of Holland. That is something entirely different. There is no mixing.


  • Oral and written tradition Dan Parks
  • Oral and written tradition Sergio Iadarola