The organization called IWKA was founded by Sifu Sergio Iadarola?. He uses the spelling “Wing Tjun” to seperate his branch of Wing chun from that of others. The Ving Tsun taught at the schools' HQ is Chi Sim Wing Tjun (Ving Tsun), in accordance to the teachings of GM Cheng Kwong? .

Sifu Iadarola originally learnt GM Ip Man Ving Tsun via Sifu Leung Ting directly. The Leung Ting system is still taught seperately, according to it’s original transmission, during seminars to the schools afiliated to our organisation outside of Holland for those who, for practical reasons, do not have the convenience to train closely to learn and thus teach, the Fung Siu Ching lineage of GM Cheng Kwong . The teaching syllabus retains the core of Chi Sim Ving Tsun, according to GM Cheng Kwong, at the Head Quarters in Amsterdam of Sap Yat Kuen (Ving Tsun Kuen), Saam Bai Faat, Chong Kuen, as well as Siu Lam Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Jee the Look Dim Boon Gwun and Baht Jam Dao according to GM Cheng Kwong.

Sources and copyright:Dan Parks