The Turning Style System



  • Yee Lien Wan San Sik Kuen To


  • Sup Yee San Sik

This system is a version of Fung Family Kulo Village Wing Chun that was taught in the United States by Henry Mui, In Boston in the mid 80's. The system was dubbed "Turning Style" - This style is not organized like the Standard 3 Hand Forms, Jong and weapons. The Kulo Village Wing Chun System was organized in small San Sik Sets. Some students of Henry Mui Suggest that he has passed down several versions of the system. The first version has the San Sik linked into 2 small sets. The other system , which has only been passed down to disciples is comprised of 12 San Sik?

Some of the basics of the system:


  • Oral and written tradition Jim Rosleando
  • Oral and written tradition Tracy Banks
  • Oral and written tradition Mui Henry