The system is organized into San Sik or Dim? - Points. Each point must be practised

  1. Moving and Non moving solo
  2. Non Moving Distance and Contact with a Partner
  3. Moving from Distance and Contact with a Partner
  4. Free Flowing Distance and Contact with a Partner
  • Punching Method:
  1. Jg Ng Choi
  2. Sam Sing Choi - 3 Star Punch = Rolling Punch with Thrusting and Whipping Power
  3. Gwa Choi - Hanging punch = Upper Level Sam Sing Choi (backfist of sorts)
  4. Chow Choi - Upper Cut = Upward Drilling Punch usually to the Jaw
  5. Na Choi - Seizing Punch = Long bridge Swinging Arm - Lifting Motion
  6. Seung Lung Choi - Double Dragon Punch = Duel Punching Method
  • Horse Method:
  1. Sup Jee Mah - Character "+" Horse / Character 10 Horse
  2. Ding Jee Mah - "T" or "J" Shaped Horse = The true Pien San Mah
  3. Pien San Mah - Side Body Horse = Generic name - when done properly forms the Ding Jee Mah
  4. Bik Mah - Pressing Horse = Pressing Off the rear leg, moving the entire body as one Unit. Advancing through with the rear leg Vs. Pressing off the rear leg with arching angles
  5. Som Gwok Mah - 3 Angle Horse = Pressing off the rear leg of the opposite side that will be moving, advancing the whole body to the side. Next the foot that will arive first will press while the other foot will move twords cetner at an angle, with whole body unity an power.
  6. Huen Mah - Circling Horse = Similar to Som Gwok Mah but with a differant Arching Angle to the step than Som Gwok Mah- You dont have to move to the side first
  • San Sik Method:
  1. Siu Lien Tao - Small training set - 1 set with 3 Skills/points
  2. Dai Lien Tao - Big training set- 3 Small sets
    • Sam Pai Fut
    • Sae Mun Bai Tze
    • Dai Lin
  • Sam Dim Boon Gwun 3 and 1/2 point pole method:
  1. Huen - Circle
  2. Dim - Point
  3. Biu - Dart
  4. Gwat - Chop
  • Kuen Kuit and Concepts:
  1. Biu to the Center - Tang to the Side
  2. Ping is used against Circular Attacks
  3. Loi Lan Hoi Sung Lat Sao Jik Chung - Recieve what comes, escort what leaves, emptiness-strike Center
  4. Wing Chun uses Yin and Yang Palms - Soft and Hard Hands
  5. Kicking is Counter Kicking Method
  6. Kicking is best from the side position body
  7. Wing Chun uses Jung Sien and Chun Jing or Meridian Line and Inch Power
  8. Wing Chun uses the Triangle created by the Wu sau at the elbow of the lead Mun Sau
  9. Lik Yiu Noi Gung - Strength must be internal
  • Chi Sau and Drills
  1. Gan Sau - Following Hands
  2. Pian San Chi Sau - Side body Sticking hands
  3. Huen Sau - Circling Hands
  4. Kiu Sau - Bridge Hands
  5. Yup Yi Tung - Striking into the second defending line


  • Written Tradition Jim Roseleando