Derek Rozanski

Full Name: Derek Mark Rozanski
Date of Birth: 1970
Zodiac: Aquarius
Chinese sign: Rooster
Hobby: Martial Arts, Movies, Music
VingDragon, M.A Club, Brooklyn, New York

Independent instructor of self-defense and hand to hand fighting and Weng Chun style Master, manages the "VingDragon" a private Martial Arts Club, in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Rozanski possesses years of experience in Asian Martial Arts. His international authorizations have included instruction from Master Andreas Hoffmann and additional certification by Master Cheng Kwong from Hong Kong, who is a founder of Ving Tsun & Dragon Style Chinese Martial Arts Association. Beside that, he had a honor and chance to gain his knowledge from another Weng Chun lineages by private instructions, from GM Tang Chuk Pak (Tang lineage) as also from Master Siu Cheuk Chow from Chu Chong Man lineage.

Dariusz M. Rozanski is a Shaolin Weng Chun enthusiast since 1988. His skills include the following:

Self Defense / Hand to Hand Fighting - period 1986-present Chi Sim Weng Chun Instructor in Poland - period 1988-2000 Master of "Always Spring Boxing" style (Shaolin Weng Chun Kuen) - period 1988-present

His skills have been appreciated by famous Weng Chun style Masters. Additionally, his working experience, at a detective agency (1991-1993), as a bodyguard and trainer within the field has given Mr. Rozanski the Ability to utilize and fully master the techniques of Self Defense & Hand to Hand Fighting.

Mr. Rozanski training experience has included instruction at over several thousands students, many of whom work within institutions utilizing Self Defense Training including Police, Postal municipalities; besides an actors and dancers of Silesian Dance Theatre and many peoples from International Fitness & Art Conference.

His overall experience within the arts has given the Mr. Rozanski ability to create a Universal Program that's safe and practical; that both civilians and institutions can properly use.

As a independent Weng Chun teacher Mr. Rozanski has organized many seminars outside of Poland; including seminars held in Germany, Czech Republic and Russia.

Mr. Rozanski's passion for the martial arts has also led him to publish both a series of periodals, and documental and instructional videos on the themes of fight.

Mr. Rozanski lives in United States. He organizes seminars and he is teaching privately.