Lok Lan Goon

Lok Lan Goon (Lu Languan) was a native of Jinju Village, Sanshui county. Due to being Well to do, he had been able to practice and learn several Differant martial art systems. At some point he met King Fa Wui Goon performer Dai Fa Min Kam. Hearing that Dai Fa Min Kam was at the age to retire from the Opera, as the heavy operatic costumers in the hot humid weather, of the southern Chinese summer, was a young mans job, Lok decided to ask Dai Fai Min Kam to retire back to JinJu Village. In exchange for Dai Fa teaching the Lok family his Wing chun, Lok Lan Goon would care for him and his family.

In a variation on the story, Lok Lan Goon was a member of the King Fa Wui Goon, along side Dai Fa Min Kam, taking the name San Kam (Xin Jin, New Kam), after his teacher. (in most accounts, however, San Kam was a nickname of Dai Fa Min Kam, not Lok Lan Goon.)

Lok Lan Goon passed what he had learned, down to his Nephew and family. Lok's Nephew taught Lai Hip Chai after meeting him at a pawn shop convention.


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