Lo Family Lineage

Lo Family were famous Hung Gar masters that incorporated their fierce Hung Fist methods into the Wing Chun Kuen taught to them by famed bounty hunter Fung Siu Ching. They united their family system with that of the Dong Family/Chu Chong Man and Tang Family? at Dai Duk Lan, H.K in the 1940s and 50s which was than passed down to Wai Yan?. Eventualy the Dai Duk Lan system would be passed down to Cheng Kwong?, who would create his own approach mixing Dragon Shape Boxing, Lok Yiu H.K Wing Chun Kuen (VT), and the Dai Duk Lan combined three family system. His personal approach would than be passed down to German born Chinese Martial Art enthusiast Andreas Hoffman, who would combine what he learned from Cheng Kwong, with the martial arts he allready practised such as Hung Gar, Tai Chi, and BJJ. Andreas also cross trained briefly with his Sigung Wai Yan, and several other famous Wing Chun masters related to Dai Duk Lan.


  • Oral tradition Tang Family
  • Oral and written tradition Chu Chong Man Family
  • Oral tradition Derek Rozanski
  • New Martial Hero
  • Leungs Publishing