Gulo Chung

Not much is known about Gulo Chung (Tall Man Chung / Gaolao Zheng). Yuen Kay Shan's second Sifu,Fung Siu Ching, an apprentice of Dai Fa Min Kam, on the Red Boat's, believed there was only Four- first generation disciples, that knew the entire system of Wing Chun. Gulo Chung was one of the four. Yuen passed down that Tall Man Chung passed his Wing Chun down to his son-in-law Yin Li Cheung (Or sometimes called "Sui", and than the lineage died out.

His name has been passed down by Tam Yeung to Kwan Jong Yuen of the Kulo Sae Sup Sik System. It is unknown if the Fung family art proper also preserves his name.

There currently is no evidence that Yin Li Cheung passed down his Father-in-Law's art, but within the past 7 years (2000 - 2007), information places a decendent of Gulo Chung IE Sui Family, living in Florida, USA. The individual gave a demonstration at a local M.A gathering. A witness reported that his Wing Chun concisted of the "Most White Crane looking Wing Chun I have ever seen".Attempts to validate the information by the AWCKRI, has failed currently. Research is pending.


  • Oral and written traditions Yuen Kay Shan
  • Oral traditions Sum Num
  • Oral tradition Kulo Sae Sup San Sik System
  • Complete Wing chun by Ritchie, Chu, and Wu