Hung Fa Yi Lineage

Wang family branch (Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kuen)
*Southern Shaolin Temple Wing Chun Tong

The USA HFY headquarters, as well as the VTM? were contacted, and asked to help provide information about the HFY Lineage, so the branch could get equal billing, to all the other various branchs of the WCK system. My 2 emails to the VTM were never responded to, and my first email to the HFY headquarters wasnt responded to. Though my second email to the HFY headquarters was responded to, and I was told information would be forthcoming. I never heard back from them, and sent 2 subsequent emails to follow up, and recieved no responce. This was 3 or 4 months ago.- Editor WCPedia - Dec.2007


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  • Oral and written tradition Garret Gee