Yat Chum Um Jee Yat Chum Um Jee (Yi Chen Anzhi, Speck of Dust Founder of Convent) is named as the link between the Shaolin Temple and Cheung Ng in the accounts of Pan Nam. She is named as a member of the 22nd, "Yat" generation of Henan Shaolin which included such famed monks as Yat Nim (Yi Nian).

According to the Pan Nam accounts, Yat Chum Um Jee was a 22nd generation Siu Lam disciple who founded a temple on Mt. Heng in the province of Hunan in the mid 18th century. There, Yat Chum taught a collection of martial arts to a carefully selected group of students including a man named Cheung Ng ("Tan Sao" Ng). It is suggested that Yat Chum's method came from a distillation of Shaolinquan (Young Forest Boxing), Taijiquan (Great Ultimate Boxing), Yingzhaoquan (Eagle Claw Boxing), Jingangzhang (Diamond Palm a.k.a. Buddhist Palm), Qin Na (Joint-Locking), Tonglongquan (Mantis Boxing), etc.

In other accounts, Yat Chum was said to have been male and was referred to as Yat Chum Dai Si.

While Yat was a generational name of Henan Shaolin and Cheung Ng is a verifiable historical figure, there is currently no supporting information on Yat Chum. Whether Yat Chum was a real person or an alias like those in other creation myths, his/her role in the above stories credits him/her as the principle founder of the art.