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The On-Line Wing Chun Encyclopedia is dedicated to the memory of our Ancestors. Their hard work and dedication has made it possible for the Wing Chun Family to thrive in the year of the Pig 2007.

Including but not limited to Ng Mui, Miu Shun, Yim Yee, Yim Wing Chun, Leung Bok Chau, Wong Wah Bo, Dai Fa Min Kam, Leung Yee Tai, Gulo Chung, Yik Kam, Fok Bo Chuen, Fung Siu Ching, Leung Jan, Cho Shun, Yuen Kay Shan, Yuen Chai Wan, Lo Kwai, Chan Wah Shun, Cheung Bo, Sum Nung, Ng Chun So, Yiu Choi, Wong Wah Sum, Yiu Kay, Fung Chun, Mai Gai Wong, Wong Jing, Pan Nam, Kwok Wah Ping, Wong Shun Leung, Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu,Tom Wong,Bruce Lee, Ho Kam Ming, Leung Dai Chiu, Cho Hong Choi, Jiu Chow, Chu Shong Tin, Jiu Wan, and all other Wing Chun Master's, that so graciously passed down the system, from generation to generation."

Brian Scanlon would especially like to thank Sifu Zopa Gyatso, Aaron Cantrell, Yuen Kay Shan SiJo, Sum Num, Cheung Bo, Kwok Wah Ping, Tom Wong, Leung Dai Chiu, Lee Chi Yiu,William Mah,Wong Nim Yi and Ivan Rzounek, Mak Yiu Ming, Hunter Von Unchuld, Steven Chao and the Chao Family, The entire Cho Gar Family including Poon Yu village, Cho Hong Choi, Ku Choi Wah, Hendrik Santo, as well as everyone i have learned from. Thank you all for sharing and spreading, what Sum Num Sigung called the "Crown Jewel of Chinese Martial Arts

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