YunXing - (Lin Zi Quan/Erik Oliva)

Lin Zi Quan (AKA Yun Xing) is the main teacher of Jing Xin Yuan, a school of Buddhist cultivation methods. Aiwei began cultivation of meditation at age 9, and chinese medicine at age 13 beginning with Qigong. From age 9 till present he has received teachings from both Buddhist and Daoist schools of cultivation through sitting meditation as well as "intuitive manners". His teacher (Shifu) of Buddhist cultivation is Venerable Master Xuan Hua.

Lin Zi Quan's formal martial arts training began at age 19 with the meeting of Alan Goldberg Shifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu of the Jason Lau / Jiu Wan line, and of Moy Yat / Yip Man line. Alan Goldberg Shifu is #1 disciple to both Jason Lau and Moy Yat. One year after being accepted as a student under Alan Shifu, and with his permission, Lin Zi Quan began Taiji Quan and Yiquan cultivation with Shifu Rudy Curry Jr. of the Baisley South Jamaica Internal Martial Arts Association. He has also learned 8 Qigong Palms of Yin Style Bagua Zhang from Shifu Novell Bell (Black Taoist).

In 2005, Lin Zi Quan was accepted as 4th generation disciple under Alan Shifu, and given a new name, Yun Xing (), as well as permission to lead a branch of Alan Goldberg's Wing Chun in China. Lin Zi Quan, once every year, returns to Brooklyn NY to his family Kung Fu school to continue his training, and teach his students.

Lin Zi Quan is now located in Jinan city, Shandong province, China, and is founder of Jing Xin Yuan Buddhist School of Cultivation, as well as the head of Jing Xin Yuan Wing Chun, the China branch of Alan Goldberg Wing Chun Kung Fu. For 3 yrs he has lived in China spreading the Buddha Dharma, teaching Wing Chun, and Taiji Quan as well as meditation and various methods of cultivation. He also travels to those who are sick using Chinese Medicine; Acupuncture, Tuina and Qi Gong.

His school, Jing Xin Yuan, is not based in a large training atmostphere. Students train outside along the rivers, or lakes, mountains, in various temples and parks, and even in the teacher's home.

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