Yip Man Hong Kong Kuen Kuit

Many of the Kuen Kuit known to the Wing Chun world decend from Yip Kai Man and his Hong Kong School of Wing Chun. Many of the Kuen Kuit are not of ancestral origin and were from slightly later periods. Some of the Kuen Kuit may be from Chan Wah Shun, but most likekly is that Yip Man drew upon a wide source of Knowledge to put together a more modernized approach to the Kuen Kuit. Yip Man had friendships with Yuen kay Shan, Yiu Choi, Cho on, Chu Chong Man, Jiu Wan, Jiu Chow, and many other Wing Chun masters.

Later stages, during the mid 60s to later 70s Kuen Kuit further evolved. Augustine Fong and Moy Yat were the first two Wing Chun teachers in America to openly Share Kuen Kuit with the Western Public. Most Kuen Kuit, that exist today, within the Yip man Lineage, have some influence by the Fong Sifu or Moy Yat Sigung Kuen Kuit.