Yik Kam Siu Lien Tau Kuen Kuit

Hoi Sik Salutation

wNI痉pY ( sword finger, Wing (bong as in bong sau) and elbow present to the hero) _qߒ葾 (Half Point, Center line , Settle TaiPing)

It said, WCK using Sword or finger technics for long bridge, Wing, elbow for short bridge. half point, and center line.

First 5 Stanzas of Yik Kam Siu Lien Tau Kuen Kuit

"Collect the Yee and union with Shen in the Equal shoulder stance
Both hands while rising forward breaking into Duality (yin Yang)
Left leg trip out consist of pros and cons
right heel coiling Jing reversely store
Fusion the pre/post breath within the Dantien,
Du medirian, descending.....

紅船班中正旦易金小練頭拳訣微嘗 ( a lite taste of SLT Kuen kuit according to Yik Kam the Red boat Opera artist)

1, 拳礼 (salutation)

反清 復明 五湖四海 十指連心 遝我河山

2, 練法 (Training guide)

眼對手 手對心 手從心發 一絲不苟.....


3, 拳普歌訣 ( first few stanza ofSLT Kuen Kuit)

集意会神平肩襠 双手前起半(分)陰阳 左脚跘出有善惡.... 右跟曲勁口口口...

口口口口單朝阳 吞吐如虹口口口....


若朔其源, 訣中諸如 "集意会神平肩襠 双手前起半(分)陰阳"之句, 仍出自峨嵋十二庄. 諸如單朝阳, 吞吐如虹之詞非白鶴门無他.


吞吐浮沉君須記 揎蓋挑疊常要用

吞吐浮沉...揎蓋挑疊...升降開合..... 形,勢,气脉...

The emei Kuen kuit for reference:

气平正立平肩裆 两掌前起半阴阳 ... 再将左右任分腿

White Crane Kuen Kuit for reference:

昭陽 (Facing Sun)

<白鶴仙師祖傳真法> 中的 <方七娘白鶴拳十五勢>,就載有 : [跌、砍拳...招陽、......]十五個勢法,並注明如何動作及攻防意義之所在。.......這十五個勢應為當時最早見之於拳譜中的勢法,當是當時所傳教的。

比如十五勢拳譜中所寫: [招 (昭) 陽。白鶴拳法之五:凡拳起手,只要招 (昭)陽,無論他用何勢,可用此勢,大門放過,小門直入。蓋此勢兩手顧鼻面,短牙顧中攔切,戒分腳退後。]......。

On Inch Jing Join Power

.........永春白鶴拳以 " 寸勁節力 " 見稱,能集中全身之力,於一剎那間發出,達到最好的持擊效果。要求力從胸起如雷從地發,蓄於身腰,發於臂手。........



三) 兩手昭陽、吞吐節力:雙手沉肩、墜肘、坐腕成「昭陽手」,分成三節,肩至肘為內節(根節),肘關節為中節,腕關節為尾節,要做到內節如鐵一般堅實,與肩身成一整體;中節吞墜,尾節如膠如漆,靈活多變。雙手來去出力發勁,出手時吐氣(吐),收手時吸氣(吞),一吞一吐互相配合無間,堅持「中門不讓,子午不離」。練習時與肩、頭、背、胯、膝要貫串一氣,互相呼應,如有橡筋互相牽引、拉扯,吞肩坐節(墜肘),發胛力,勁達指尖。出手時節中隨身與胯同向,不可縮入開出,手節對膝,承接全身各處之力。

4, 收拳礼 (closing Salutation)

揎蓋挑疊常要用 (福建發音) 劍指膀肘逞英雄

訣曰 (kuit said)

劍指膀肘逞英雄 半点子午定太平



太平 (Taiping heavenly kingdom)

the posture of the woodern dummy or Chong Kuen.

In This posture

The following , 拳礼 (salutation) is perform with WCK technics such as tan, fook....

反清 復明 五湖四海 十指連心

In this picture, it is 反清 posture

The salutation said

反清 ( Over turn Qing Dynasty) 復明 (Return to Ming Rule) 五湖四海 (All over china ) 十指連心 (all race with single heart) 遝我河山 (return me my country)



劍指膀肘逞英雄 ( sword finger, Bong and elbow present to the hero) 半点子午定太平 (Half Point, Center line , Settle TaiPing)

Further Stanzas

??? "...Using Stillness to subdue motion/action
Listening and Tracking Constantly
Keen in Issueing Instananiously Penetrating Jing
Neutralization and offence simulataneously
Technic:Concise, Agile, Elegant and Airtight
Expert in close body gates....
The core set is Siu Lien Tau (essence about training about details).....Practise Chi Sau

Random Kuen Kuit - As shared by Hendrik Santo (student of Cho Hong Choi)

As it says "K1 is not the root and Dan dien is not the controler. The willow spine flexibility such as it is not made of bone, one hand spreading becomes One thousand hands.."

"Huen Kaam Tiu Tapp" - 4 Cycles/Mother Core always are needed and are the foundation of everything. Huen (outward) Kaam (inward) Tiu (lift) Thaap (Pile)

"While in Application, nothing shown in shape. Thus, thus not moving is the real Yin and Yang, the jewel unmoving thus the application is infinite"

"Gently subdue the enemy within a split of an Inch."

"Spontaneously return to the natural, the Qi and Mai settle in peace" Or "Let in Spontaneously follow the natural - Mai and Qi will be smooth"

"Using the Qi of Ren and Du Meridians, Bending Foward, Backward and Levitate to surpass"

"The Middle 3 - Front bent, Back bent, and Side turn, one must totaly master this method - all must link into 1 piece"

"Use the Yee to lead the Qi - using the Qi to transport the Body."

"Dropping you gently while you amaze at my grace and beauty."

The whole body must not apply even a slight force.


  • Oral and written tradition Cho Hong Choi
  • Accounts by Hendrik Santos
  • Collected by the AWCKRI