Wu Dang Lineage Weng Chun - Unverifiable

Southern Siu Lum Temple

  • Fong Shil Ching
    • Hon Wah Sheun
      • Lin Yi (Lam Yee)
        • Rien Bul

Wudang Weng Chun is a branch of Wing chun found in the Neatherlands and Australia. The only source for the system in the entire world, currently known, is from Rien Bul and his students. There are no other Wing Chun systems that trace their history to Wu Dang Mountain, and its doubtful this system , is actualy Wudang derived, considering the Mechanics of the WuDang Martial arts are substantialy differant to all known versions of Wing chun. The current grandmaster attempted to link his system with other branchs of Wing Chun that use the spelling "Weng Chun", but as modern research proves, the idea of an older Siu Lum system called "Weng Chun" is nothing more than a myth. Rien Bul is currently spending a life sentence in Jail for raping several female students. When his sentence is up, he is to be remanded to the custody of an mental institute.


  • Oral and written tradition Rien Bul
  • Written accounts Holland penal system