Weng Chun Components

Chi Sim Weng Chun Gung Fu(also known as Siu Lam Weng Chun)

Major Components of the System

Tou - "set" Weng Chun Kuen(Everlasting Spring Fist) There are two foundational sets for training personal self-defense in the Chi Sim lineage of Weng Chun. Both defense-training sets are called Weng Chun Kuen.

Sahp Yt Kuen(Eleven Fist) The Sahp Yat Kuen Set teaches students empty hand defense based on the Shaolin gwan (pole). The concepts of the 6 point pole are represented in 11 empty hand motions and 11 learning sections.

F Kuen(Flower Fist) The Fa Kuen Set teaches students empty hand defense based on the da (knives). All movements are paired, simulating the movements of the paired knives.

It is more difficult to subdue and control an attacker using empty hand combat compared to weapons. In the Chi Sim lineage, two additional sets exist to teach the student how to subdue an opponent using multiple ranges and heights of combat.

Sam Baai Faht(Three Bows to Buddha) The Sam Baai Faht Set is the core of the Chi Sim system. In this set, the student is taught use of the whole body coordinated through the waist as in bowing. This set is also taught in 11 learning sections.

Ngh Jng Hei Gng(Five Post Energy Skill) Ngh Jng Hei Gng is taught as the student develops physical skill. These postures cultivate energy and also connect the lihk (muscles) together with the hei.

Jng Kuen(Structure Fist) The Jng Kuen Set puts everything previously taught together into one format. This set moves through multiple directions and ranges with emphasis on kicking, striking, locking, and throwing. One of the primary focuses at this stage of training is the development of sung gng, (double gung). This refers to two things: 1) the difficulty required to qualify to learn this set and 2) the abilities that are developed through its practice. These abilities include self-defense and the combination of lihk, yi (intent), and hei.

Muhk Yhn Jng(Wood Person Post) Using the concept of tn yhn deih (heaven, human, earth), Chi Sim Weng Chun features three different formats for training on the Muhk Yhn Jng. Each set focuses on a different concept in the tn yhn deih trilogy.

The heaven dummy focuses on developing reactions and awareness against attacks to the high gate as well as long range.

The human dummy focuses on the middle gate with emphasis on training striking, locking, and throwing.

The earth dummy focuses on close range distances with emphasis on grappling, anti-grappling, throwing and ground-fighting.

Gwan Jng(Pole Post) When training with weapons, Chi Sim Weng Chun makes use of the wooden dummy to train range and develop attributes for striking with the pole. A set is taught consisting of 141 movements.

This special training set utilizes a wooden dummy with seven long poles rather that three short arms. These poles are used when training with weapons and weaponless. Using a weapon, the student learns self-defense at the long range with mobility and how to bridge the gap against another weapon. Training weaponless, the student learns how to change range from long to short through angulation, footwork and mobility. Ch Su(Stick Hand)

Kiuh Su(Bridge Hand) Chi Sim Weng Chun makes use of a format for reaction training known as Kiuh Sau. Kiuh Sau consists of two partner's hands meeting and all reactions are based on that meeting. Using the concept of three ranges, Kiuh Sau reaction training flows between kicking, striking, locking, and throwing. At any time, one should be able to flow from range to range based on the openings presented by one's opponent. Each of the three lines is used to define a range, appropriate tools, and tactics based on the opponent's openings.

The Luhk Dm Bun Gwan is thought of as the teacher in Chi Sim Weng Chun. Through training with the pole, one's gung fu becomes alive and responsive. When training with the pole in hand, one cannot be slow to respond as one will get hit. The pole also refines the training of body unity carried over from the empty-hand sets. Fuh Muh Sung Du

(Father Mother Double Knife)The Fuh Muh Sung Du in Chi Sim Weng Chun are thought of as the father and mother of the system. All motions in Chi Sim are developed from the knives and are refined by the knives.