The World Ving Tsun Athletic Association (WVTAA) is a martial arts association propagating the Chinese martial art of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun). Formed in 2005 by Darrell Jordan, its members include several prominent sifus and masters from serveral branches within the Wing Chun community including David Peterson, Robert Chu, John Crescione, Adam Williss, Gunther Benjamins, Cliff Au Yeung, Alan Orr and more. Its World Ving Tsun Hall of Fame honors one Grandmaster and one Sifu each year for their dedication and contributions to the art of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun).

Truncated Mission Statement

Be it announced that World Ving Tsun Athletic Association, (WVTAA) has been established in order to propagate the scientific-based martial art of Ving Tsun. The means by which WVTAA intends to do this is through seminars and teaching activities, Internet promotions, online learning, video/DVD recordings, and aggressive expansion of its instructor certification program. FURTHER, be it resolved that WVTAA shall recruit members as feasible for the pursuance of its mission above and shall continue with regular and systematic training of Ving Tsun.

Grandmaster Chan Chee Man - Honorable Chairman
Sifu Darrell Jordan - President
Richard Alvoid - General Council
Sifu Gunther Benjamins - Executive Vice President
Sifu David Peterson - VP Aus
Sifu Robert Chu - VP USA
Sifu Cliff Au Yeung - VP Asia
Sifu John Crescione - Dir. USA
Sifu Alan Orr - Dir

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