The Eye of the Phoenix

By Rien Bul

If the Weng Shun Kuen practitioner chooses to apply a clenched fist in a sparring situation or in actual combat, we advise the shape known as the "Phoenix Eye Fist". Now almost forgotten, it was once the standard way of hitting in the Weng Shun Kuen style. Ours is a so-called "internal" style. Which means we do not only rely on giving techniques for defense, but also on "soft" techniques for attacking and finishing purposes. The Eye of the Phoenix is such an "internal" technique. Such kind of techniques are aimed at the weak spots of the human anatomy. Because these spots are quite vulnerable, no brute force is needed to cause them damage. To reach these spots, one must apply correct positioning to "clear the way". Hitting with the "Phoenix Knuckle" works basically with the same principle as the one inch punch. The only difference lies in hitting with the extended first finger, when hitting the surface, doing damage even before the Ging energy is generated.

Hitting at the body only hurts the surface. Hitting into the body with short-impact, shocking Ging power, damages the internal organs.