Ermie Sup Yee Zhuang - Kuen Kuit (exerps)

Ermei Sup Yee Zhuang Kuen Kuit - (By "White Cloud" chan master at Soong Dynasty, China. 800years ago, on the Goldern Summit of Emei Mt.)

Contemplate heaven and observe the earth, Round and emptiness are the source of all methods, Big and small, open and close, Its wonderful-ness is (while) linking with the heart. (mind)

Thus,thus as it is not moving, That is the true Ying Yang, That jewel not moving, (Thus) Activation of applications is constant (unended).

There are just Qi(energy) and Mai (the dynamic movement of energy), Not moving give raise to moving, Yee (intention) moves and Shen (Spirit) arrive, Open, Close, Sinking, and Rising. Sinking thus HA HA Rising thus Szi Szi Open and close are one Grow the (goldern) pill at this instant ( and here).

Quite as the autum's moon Active as the tornado Gently subdue the enemy Within the split of an inch.

Light as a feather Heavy beyond the mountain While applying there is no fixed external shape Tee (body) and Yoong (application) are united.

As Vast as the Heaven and Earth The foundation of 12 Zhuang Silently recognize and master (it) within (your) heart (mind) Working deligently is the precious Key.

The wonderfull applications of this posture Big or Small is depending on yee (intention) Distance with open, close by with close Those demons will be stunted

Even within the realm of Asura (figthing god) Compassionate comes within us (we) The disciples of Buddha (we) take the precept of not killing and hurting (living beings)

Small Zhuang and Big Zhuang (posture), Within the Kuit, there hidden the Zhuang. Using the forward and reverse in complementary fashion Never forget about this while Investigating and cultivating. Heaven and Earth 12 postures, Training hard (one) needs the small (details) Using this advance Kuit Ten Thousand leads source from the small ( details).

(From) stance to legs (motion)- forward or backward The upper three and hands motion or calm (still) The middle three - front bent, back bent, or side turn. One must totaly "master" this method (all must be linked into one piece)

Investigate the small posture while (practicing with) stillness and motion. (its) Qi and Mai, on the surface, and deep (within the body)

External application and subdue (heart) the demon (one's own illusion ) The enemy was injured but not noticed.

Start the praticed with Heaven posture Stand in the equal shoulder stance The heart (mind) is balance (tranquile/peace) and the breathing is quite Both eyes stares forward (far) away Start with moving left hand forward Settle the Ying palm at shoulder high Finger toward the sky then transform into the center Mai (half Ying half Yang medirian) Sweep (reel) spiral while return to waist. Five finger tracing the Tai chi circle.....

Sticking/cluing - searching for palm and wrist. Massage/Pressing/Covering to listern/sinking - his/her force. Dont fight against the rushing horse’s ging, horizontally, locked the wild bull’s feet.

Sealing/Closing - borrow the incoming technics……

Attain the Samadhi instantly "meet" the Amida Buddha This is (the) ultimate method, (one) needs to take refuge to the Guru (patriach) Active or silent (silence) isnt a hinderance (to) each other The buddha nature attain thus master.

Heavely Zhuang Kuen Kuit
With a balanced Qi - stand properly in equal shoulder Stance Both palms rising forward - take the path of half Yin half Yang Upper arm - same level with shoulder and equal to chest width Front elbow bend slightlly - echo the position of the nose Equal shoulder stance - widens to letter stance (Jee Mah)

Crane and Dragon Zhuang Kuen Kuit//

The nature of the Crane is not fighting Thus, that is an analogy to the virtue of the Phoenix The agile Dragon only shows its head Thus, it is difficult to predict This is an application Zhuang (post) Hold the precepts - bow to the guest

The techniques essence is in neutralization and analysis Offence and defence - both can be applied... Facing many enemy - unify the Dragon and the Crane Using the qi of Ren and Du meridians Bending forward - bending backward - levitate to be unsurpased

Legs preaching the 8 methods Fingers probing hundreds of preasure point's Using his shoulder ? using the enemy to subdue the enemy? Within 10,000 horses of a war army - travel with ease In the realm of Asura - compassionate is equiped The disciple of Buddha - taking the precept of not killing


  • Information collected by AWCKRI
  • Oral and written tradition Ermei Mountain
  • Written tradition Dr.Chow
  • Translation by Hendrik Santo
  • Language modification by Brian Scanlon