Tang Huen

Tang Huen or Rattan Circle is an ancestral Wing Chun training tool. The arms are inserted into the wring, up to the elbows. Wing Chun San Sik are than practised. This not only hardens the Elbows and forearms, but trains the body to keep the elbows closed in twords the Center at all times. Many misunderstand the use of the Tang Huen, and at that point its training becomes detramental, instead of benificial.

Some branchs of Wing Chun have specific forms to practise with the Tang Huen. Those are probably modern creations, as no consistant set can be found across all lineages. Normaly the Tang Huen movements are made up of a Finite number of San Sik, that can be mixed and matched, creating alot of study material for the student. The Tang Huen is still found in Yuen Kay Shan, Cheung Bo, Yiu Choi, Mai Gai Wong, and Cho Gar Family Wing Chun.

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