Tang and Lo Family Kuen Kuit by Andreas Hoffman

These Kuen Kuit are from my ancestors, the Lo and Tang family:
Here are the most important:
10 truth of Shaolin
18 kiu Sau of Shaolin
Luk Dim Boon principles(Tai-Lan-Dim-Kit-Got-Wun-Lau)
Luk Dim Boon concepts (Tsin, Si, Tsau, Tan, Dik, Got, Cheung)

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  • Lei Kiu Bin Jik Da

Here are the translations of our Kuen Kuit:

  • Tschoi Tschung Bei Chung Choy - Forward movement should be taken from avoidance (from the direct confrontation)
  • Hoi Tschung Sat Loi Chum - Always find weakness (of your opponent) from an apparent solid defence (meaning that there are always weaknesses in your opponent, no matter how strong)
  • Ta Mo Yee Shun Shuok - Wether it be forward jerk (attack,jump) or shift, such movement should be quick
  • Pien Cheng Mok Yan Chi - Donīt delay the choice (hesitate) on wether to take the side attack or direct forward attack

These translation is from Grandmaster Tang Chung Pak himself, our family have all of the Kuen Kuit, handwritten from our ancestor GM Tang Yick, and our living legend Grandmaster Wai Yan.

18 Kiu Sau from Southern Siu Lum (this is the title of the calligraphy from the Tang family):

Our whole weng chun kuen is a expression of these 18 Kiu Sau, they are the essence of our style:

Here a short translation, but you have to feel them (in your training and in your life) to understand the importance of all 18.

  1. Tiu (Pick up)
  2. Buort (push aside)
  3. Da (hit)
  4. Pun (fold),
  5. Juar (grasp)
  6. Lai (Pull),
  7. See (shear)
  8. Tshai (quick pull)
  9. Kam (seizing)
  10. Na (holding)
  11. Fuong (prevent free movement)
  12. Nghai ("Shut off")
  13. Bik (cornering someone)
  14. Hup ("continuingly applying pressure")
  15. Tan (swallow)
  16. To (spit)
  17. Buot (taking chance)
  18. Saat (stop/destroy)


  • Oral and written tradition Tang Family
  • Oral and written tradition Lo Family
  • Andreas Hoffmann