Sup Yee Fat (Shi Er Fa - Twelve Methods)

The Sup Yee Fat, are a group of keywords organized by Yuen Kay Shan and Sum Num to express their conception, of the core, of Wing Chun Kuen implementation.

  1. Dap (Da) derives from 'the hand joined like many mouths in agreement' and means 'to join to bridges'
  2. Jeet (Jie) derives from 'a lance hitting a sparrow' and means 'to intercept, cut off, or sever'
  3. Chum (Chen) derives from 'a stool submerged beneath the water' and means 'to sink'
  4. Biu (Biao) derives from 'metal pointed like flame' and means 'to dart'.
  5. Chi (Chi) derives from 'glutinous millet ground by a horned animal (yak)' and means 'to stick'
  6. Mo (Mo) derives from 'hand like the sun dispearing behind the foliage' and means 'to touch or feel'
  7. Tong (Yun) derives from 'a hand using a hot iron', and means 'to press or iron clothes'
  8. Dong (Dang) derives from 'soup swaying in the saucer' and means 'to swing or sway'
  9. Tun (Tun) derives from 'mouth enlarged as heaven' and means 'to swallow'
  10. Chit (Qie) derives from 'to cross with a knife', and means 'to cut or slice into'.
  11. Tao (Tou) derives from 'a person assembling a boat (to cross a river)' and means 'to steal'
  12. Lao (Lou) derives from 'rain water leaking through the roof and into the house' and means 'to leak.'

Yuen Kay- an's first 5 methods, (first recorded privately in China in the 1930s and printed in HK in the 70s) are considered,the 5 Phases of Combat. They are as follows:

  • Join (connect with the opponent's bridges)
  • Intercept (cut off the opponent's offense)
  • Sink (destroy the opponent's defense)
  • Dart (deliver your offense)
  • Stick (maintain contact to determine continuation)


  • Oral and written tradition Rene Ritchie
  • Translation Rene Ritchie
  • Data Collected by AWCKRI