Shi He Kuen Kuen Kuit

Hooking Hands Like a Crane Beak
Use the Hooking to Peck, and the Fingers to Poke
Hands and Legs are used Coordinated
External is Active - Internal is Calm
Calm is to Nourish Chi
Calmness is the Cranes Concern
And when Calm its able to Cultivate Shen/Spirit while conserving Chi/energy

Body Upright - The Step is firm and Steady
Steadness and Calm are held Internally
2 Feet are the Root
The Li Originated from the Root
Jing controled by the Waist/Yiu

Train 4 Horizontals - 8 Directions
Specialize in Finger Technique
The Shape is like a Crane Pecking for Food
The Methods are Fast, Agile, and Variable

4 Points Gold:

  1. Head Horizontal
  2. Shoulders Horizontal
  3. Legs Horizontal - 50/50 weight distribution
  4. Heart Horizontal

And the core of the 4 Points of Gold is the 5th or Center

8 Directions:

  1. Forward
  2. Back
  3. Right
  4. Left
  5. High Right Diagnol
  6. Low Right Diagnol
  7. High Left Diagnol
  8. Low Left Diagnol