Peter Young

Dr. P. Young is the Head of Studies of Pathgate Institute. Known to his students as Sifu (Teacher- Father), Dr. Young is a Ngakpa Lama (Tantric Yogi) of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and a Master Teacher of the Classical Chinese Internal and External Arts. A long time disciple of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, the 11th Throne Holder of the Palyul Tradition and the retired Supreme Head of the Nyingmapa (1993-2001).

Dr.Young is the recipient of three Honorary Doctorates (PhD) in Humanities, Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts, and thus is often referred to by other Chinese Masters as Yang Dashi - recognising him as 'A Master of Accomplishment'.

His life philosophy is reflected by his Chinese birth name, Leung Fong, which means 'The Best Way', or 'The Perfect Prescription', while the Tibetan refuge name he received when initiated into the Vajrayana Path of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition is Tenzin Gyalpo, which means 'The King who upholds the Lineage of the Dharma Doctrine' . Dr. Young's Root Guru, HH Penor Rinpoche, later gave him the Bodhisattva name Dondrup Dorje Dakpa Gyaltsen 'Spontaneously Accomplishing Thunderbolt, Famous Banner of Victory'. From his Root Guru, Dr. Young received extensive instruction in Ngondro - the preliminary practice of Dzogchen known as 'Liberation In The Palm Of Your Hand'; Tsalung (tummo) - mystic heat yoga which purifies obscuration; Togal (leap over) which cultivates pure vision of a realised Bodhisattva; and Trekcho (cutting through) which generates the recognition of naked awareness. He also received many precious rare transmissions such as Rinchen Terzod (comprising the entire cycle of over 700 Nyingmapa practices), Namcho Dzogchen (over 800 practices unique to the Palyul Lineage); Nyingthig Yab Zhi (the four most profound teachings from the Longchen Nyingthig Lineage) and the secret empowerment of Terzod Kagyama (given usually only to Lineage Holders or High Lamas). Encouraged by HH Penor Rinpoche to propagate Dharma teaching in the West, Dr. Young, as the director of Palyul Sangha International, has been actively teaching and establishing many Buddhist Communities around the world with students from over 40 countries.

As part of the manifestation of his compassionate activities, Dr. Young's skill in Medical Chi Kung has been credited for the miraculous recovery of many severe medical cases. In 1999, Dr. Young became the recipient of the 'World Outstanding Leadership Golden Award' presented by the joint committee of the American Asian Federation, the International Martial Arts/Kung Fu Federation, and the World Chinese Medicine and Herbs United Association.

Dr. Young is also renowned for his extensive knowledge in both the Chinese Internal Arts and External Arts, which he employed as a skilful means to propagate Dharma Teaching to the public. For six years, he was the director of the International Chinese Internal Arts Festival (1992-1997), and the United Kingdom Chinese Internal Arts Competitions (1993-1998). In 1995, Dr. Young became the recipient of the 'World Tai Chi Internal Power Highest Gold Award' presented by the International Martial Arts Federation in honour of his Master Demonstration at the IMAF's 5th World Cup at Cordoba in Spain. He was also the only British representative who was invited to perform at the 1995 World Wushu Championship's Master Demonstration in the USA - the biggest event of its kind ever staged outside Asia.

As a Pioneer of Education, Dr. Young is the Head of Studies of the Pathgate Institute Classical Chi Kung Study - deemed by many as being the most comprehensive Higher Learning Foundation Course of its kind ever been made available to the public.

The effectiveness of Dr. Young's teaching on how to develop awareness and application of 'Being of the World yet not being affected by the World' - the All-Embracing Attitude that leads to the Attainment of True Happiness and Harmony through the Dissolution of Conflict and Suffering - is well reflected by the phenomenal accomplishment of his students in all walks of life, from C.E.O.s of international corporations, doctors, lawyers, school teachers to college students, of whom 72 became International Champions of Chinese Martial Arts, winning a total of 370 Gold, 262 Silver & 129 Bronze Medals in both the UK & the USA in the short space of six years between 1992 and 1998. Events of victory covered the full range of Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-Yi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Liu Ho Pa Fa, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Shuai Chiao, Push Hands, Sparring, Chi Sao and Weaponry.


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